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Katie & Lindsay, I can’t thank you enough for being a part of, sharing in and contributing to the most amazing night of our lives. We were in a real life fairy tale and having you right there beside you two are the DREAM TEAM,  the DYNAMIC DUO. It is beyond appreciated. The evening– entire weekend– couldn’t have been more wonderful! It has been so amazing to watch you both grow as women, grow as a company and grow as friends. I feel beyond lucky to have you in our lives.

Lindsay, Thank you so much for an amazing and unforgettable event!! I got so much great feedback today. Words used included “epic”, “wonderful” “amazing” “unforgettable” “incredible”. I think “epic” describes it best. Everything was really thought out and went so smoothly and you made it so very easy for us. People loved the decor, the food, the video, the dancing, the entertainment… everything really worked!!

Katie,  The wedding was SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! And it never would have happened without you! Your patience, guidance, thoughtfulness, creativity and sweetness are gifts beyond imagination. We feel so so lucky to have had you as part of our most memorable weekend. Thank you for being a part of the “wedding team.”  You were the heart of all things for this event.  I hope you get from others what you give.  I –we–feel blessed to call you a friend in addition to our “party planner.”

Lindsay, Thanks so much for everything leading up to the weekend and yesterday.  It was so great knowing we you had there to make sure everything went exactly as we wanted it.  You totally knew what we needed and executed every step of the way. I can’t say enough THANK YOU’s for making yesterday PERFECT!!!!!!!!

Katie, We are just so grateful for all you did for us to make our wedding a success. You are a bride and groom’s dream come true! We have said many times that we couldn’t imagine going through it all without you. Not only did you have great ideas, but you pulled together an excellent itinerary, followed up with our vendors, managed our rehearsal, and eased our worries leading up to the big day. In addition, you’re just a pleasure to have around! We appreciated your professionalism, calm presence and “I’ll take care of it” attitude – simply put, you’re just the best!  You are very talented, and any bride and groom would be lucky to work with you.

Lindsay, I don’t even know what to say. We had a blast!! Everything was perfect. So many details. Just beyond. You outdid yourself and I’m so very thankful.

Katie, You make it look so easy… that is really your gift.  You are such a part of the success we enjoy when we host a fundraising activity for Chicago Bulls Charities. You are the gold standard and are lucky to get to work with you!

Robyn, You truly outdid yourself and went above and beyond to make it the most amazing night of our lives!! The way you managed every fine detail in order to execute a seemingly flawless day/night was truly unbelievable. We are so beyond appreciative of all you did! You are truly one in a million!

Robyn, Thank you again for much for everything you did for the wedding. It honestly was so much fun and everything I was hoping for!! We could not have done it without you! My Family loved you just as much as Mike & I did! You are like freaking superwoman and we can’t thank you enough!

Lindsay & Robyn were absolutely amazing to work with. I cannot thank them enough for their handwork, dedication AND attention to detail. My son had the most amazing first birthday and I know people will be talking about it for years to come. When I first met them I explained what I wanted, where I wanted to spend the money, how I wanted the kids table to look and I even dreamed of an incredible sweets table. Well…. they exceeded my expectations.. and then some. The kids table was the nicest kids table I think I have ever seen and will see at a kids party… and the sweets table was nicer than most weddings I’ve been to. They truly outdid themselves. It was a pleasure to work with Designer Event Chicago and I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Robyn & Katie, There are no words to properly thank you both for all you did to make our wedding the most wonderful day of my life. All of the hard work, organization, preparation, love and support that you gave me, my dad, and Bill throughout this wedding process did not go unnoticed for even a second and I cannot thank you both enough for giving your best to us for all these months. I loved every moment of the day and you made the journey getting up to the day as wonderful as ever. I am eternally grateful to you both and I will sing your praises (already have many times!) for the rest of my life! With every thing in my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best in the business and I am so blessed to have had the privilege of your talents for my wedding.